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Dëkk-néeg bu yàgg


Li gën a màggal, di gën a màgg ci sunuy jëfandikoo ak dund ak dund ci gën a màggal teknoloji bu yàgg. Ci benn loxo, wottu maax man na sàmm ay alalam yu ñuy liggéeyal bu baax, ci boppam. Moo itam man a sàmm jàmm. Te it ak ay taalibe yu dëgër ak yu sax, Ay wottukat yu metil yu rafet dañoo gën a rafet ngir ay alal yépp, mel ni maçnaay bu ñuy sàmm, ay makini elektrik. Màggalukaay ci biir kër gu ñuy séddale ak yengu-yengu.

Li gën a yengu-yengu yuy sàmm ay màndiŋ yuy gën a màggal.

Am naa kàttan bu kawe, tey sàkku sax.

Tey jiitu ko.

Moom naa

Daa ngi dajale ci kër suuf ak yeneen jëf yu rafet.

Gannaaw loolu, ba tey dund gu yàgg.


Màggal yuy gën a màggal nni

Li gën a màggal, dafay jariñoo jëfandikoo yépp, mel ni alal bu ñuy wax CNC, maçna, planer, Màrt yu mag yi ak ay màndiŋ yu am njariñ, di xàmmee ak yengu-yengu ci fabrikat yi ak seeni jëfandikoo.

Expanded machine guard applications

Foofa yéeg bu yàgg

  • Lu ci seeni saraxalekat yu gën a màgg?

    What are the standards for expanded mesh?Short pitch (SWM): the length of the short diamond diagonal from the node base to the node base.Long pitch (LWM): the length of the long diamond diagonal from ...

  • Ñaareel yi gën a màgg?

    How many expanded mesh standards are there?Short pitch (SWM): the length of the short diamond diagonal from the node base to the node base.Long pitch (LWM): the length of the long diamond diagonal fro...

  • Li xéewal yiy màggalukaay

    The expanded mesh is a kind of metal hole mesh which can expand the metal material to the original length of two to ten times. It is also called metal stretching net, steel plate stretching net, stret...

  • Moona man a féewaloo yi?

    Expanded mesh is a kind of metal strip which can be divided into left and right with curvature. These two metal strips are not of the same thickness. This thickness is the width of stem wire, which is...

  • Noonu ay royukaay ci jëfandikoo bu yàgg

    Examples of application of expanded mesh surface treatmentThe expansion net is originally the use of excellent steel plate through the steel plate drawing machine for a stamping stretch to form a vari...

  • Màggalukaay bi ñu gën a màggal ni

    A long time ago, expanded metal screen were often used for protective nets, fences and fences, such as the fences in our basketball court and track and field field when we were at school. Later, Domin...

  • Klasifikaay ci prosesu mbindeef yu metilil bu yàgg

    The permeability and beauty of expanded metal screen can effectively adjust the comfort of light and heat, so that the external wall can form effective ventilation and prevent hot air from gathering f...

  • Lan bu ñu bind ci kàttanu metal bu yàgg?

    We all know that the expanded metal screen has a very important position in the decoration of our country because of its special decoration function. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of this metal m...

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